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Workshop Presentations given by Nagula Sangary

Workshops given by Nagula Sangary

FCC Workshop Distracted Driving panel presentation, November 2008, invited to give a presentation on our proposed solution. Nagula Sangary, expert panel member
Dr. Nagula Sangary, Presentation
Other presentations

“Multiband Handheld Antenna Design and Test Techniques: Recent Advances and Challenges” Nagula Sangary, Yihong Qi, and George Shaker, IEEE AP-S 2010.

“Recent Advances and Challenges in Multiband Handheld Antenna Design and Test Techniques”, Yihong Qi, George Shaker, and Nagula Sangary, IEEE AP-S 2011.

 “Handheld Antenna Design Challenges in Context of Multi-band Operation and their EM Effects on Wireless Device Performance”, N. Sangary, Y. Qi and P. Jarmuszewski, Invited paper  IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium,   February 2008.

“Industrial Trend and Design Challenges in Wireless Handheld Development”. Nagula Sangary, keynote speaker, The Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Symposium, July 2005